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Video Content is a Must for Every Website

There’s no doubt we’re becoming increasingly visually-driven as a society. Take movies, for example. Have you ever noticed how quickly the screen image shifts from one actor to the other, and from scene to scene? Compared to movies from decades ago where the camera lingers on a character for what seems like forever. Or just scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed and notice the barrage of video footage—between ads and live selfie videos, we can’t escape the constant motion.What this means for business, then, is this: If you don’t have video content on your website, you’re likely missing out on some serious client acquisition. Landing pages with video can improve on-page conversion rates by 80%!

Why? Well, roughly 60% of executives reported that they would rather watch video than read text. Essentially what we’re saying is that people love to be “fed” information. Video obviously stimulates the visual (and often auditory) part of the brain, which is much more powerful than simply reading text. If you can get your message across by sharing it on camera, you’ll be more likely to capture and keep the attention of your audience.

Shooting video for your social media page is a great place to start; check out this post on how to shoot quality footage.

If you’d like some professional help, the guys at Malt Maker Media are phenomenal at helping business owners get their story on camera! Check them out here.

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