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Ray Dunlap, Dunlap & Associates

My name is Ray Dunlap, and I am the president of Dunlap and Associates Wealth Strategies, which is an investment management firm in Peachtree City, Georgia.

[Question] What about JasonHunter Design stood out to you among the competition?
[Ray] When we were in the search for a someone to help us design our website, we asked around, and his name kept coming up. Some of the people that we trust a lot in the community kept saying, “You need to talk to Jason, you need to talk to Jason.” So we did. We did also look at a couple of other firms, but I have to say, when we did talk to Jason, his professionalism, and the ideas that he shared with us that I think really kind of enhanced the ultimate experience of creating this website, really made him a kind of an easy choice of us.

[Q] What made you feel at ease about choosing to work with him?
[Ray] I think that with Jason, one of the things that we noticed early on is that it was very collaborative. He didn’t sit there and say, “this is what you need, this is what you need.” He made it clear to us that we were the ones that could come up with the design and we would work with his team to take that vision and actually implement it right into the website. So, we really like the idea that he never really dictated what we should do, he guided us along in a very professional way.

[Q] What was your favorite part about working, during the process, about working with Jason?
[Ray] Well, the one who did most of the work in my office is my marketing director, Alison [sp], and I know that I talked to her many times during this process. But she said that the designer, the people who were actually coming up with the creative vision about how each page on the website would look, she said that they were great to work with because she would tell them what she wanted and they could execute it, and that part of the experience was phenomenal.

[Q] How did he exceed your expectations?
[Ray] You know, he came with high expectations because he was so highly recommended by a number of people, but the, the little things that he would suggest or that his team would suggest that would enhance what our vision was is what really made a difference, and I think that, uh, having an understanding of what we wanted to convey to our prospective audience and being able to take that and actually put that into a form that we were thrilled with, and I think that was it.

[Q] How has it changed the way you do business, with this new website (par)?
[Ray] Well, before, when we didn’t have a great website, we would be very cautious about driving people to our website because frankly the content was stale, it didn’t visually look all that great, and I don’t think it really portrayed the kind of image that we wanted our clients and our prospective clients to see. Now that we do some of our marketing campaigns, we will embed the URL to get to our website in an email and we are hoping that people will actually do that. So I think that this changes – we were fearful that people would go to our website before, and now we are actually excited, I think.

[Q] If someone called you and asked you, “why should I do business with JasonHunter Design,” what would you tell them?
[Ray] I think what I would tell them is that, you know, if you’re looking for somebody who will work with you, who actually hears you when you say you want to do something, and does not get impatient when you change things along the way because that’s part of the process, and then they could also add value by giving you good insight into ways that you might be able to take the message that you’re trying to get out there and project it in a more efficient way, Jason and his team do a great job.