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Website Content Questionnaire

Please complete and return this form to us. Your responses will help us define the initial direction of your website content development, and will help give us a clear understanding of your vision. Client input is the foundation upon which successful brand identities are built. This questionnaire will help you articulate and identify the overall goals for the content of your project.

A few helpful tips…

• If you find it easier to “talk” through these questions, rather than composing your responses in writing, we are more than willing to take notes over the phone or in person to help you get through this step in the process!

• We recommend that each key decision maker in your organization collaborate on the responses.

• Highlight any questions that may require further clarification or explanation.

• Add any additional notes or comments to the end of the questionnaire.

• Please share any existing material you have that will help us get a feel for your business, products, and services (i.e. company tagline, brochures, current advertising material, etc.).

About your company

About your customer

About your content

On most websites, there are several “standard” pages for which content needs to be developed. In the areas below, you do NOT have to provide complete sets of content, which means that complete sentences and well-organized thoughts are NOT required. Feel free to randomly list your thoughts and ideas in bullet point format, and from that we will develop the more thorough and polished content for your website.
Maximum upload size: 131.07MB