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Go Behind The Scenes With JasonHunter Design: November 2018

Behind every new website is a whole host of decisions that need to be made about function, design, and style. How can that design process guide new clients? How can it help new clients as they navigate the world of web design?

Each month at JasonHunter Design, we lift the curtain to take you behind the scenes so you can learn a bit more about the “why” behind each decision made.

Visit our portfolio to see all the websites JasonHunter Design launched in November!

The Mabra Firm
A personal injury attorney firm with locations in Atlanta and Tifton, GA, The Mabra Firm is well known for its 99% success rate. However, the firm really wanted prospective clients to know about their steadfast commitment to the whole client – not just their legal needs.

To that end, The Mabra Firm turned to the power of video. They enlisted the help of our friends at Malt Maker Studios to create a series of stories which illustrate what it’s really like to be a member of the Mabra family. Attorneys, firm employees, and clients all sat down in front of the camera to discuss what The Mabra Firm means to them, as professionals and as those who needed legal representation during difficult times in their lives. The result is a series of powerful videos which truly encapsulate the law firm’s drive to help the community and speak up for those who may not be able to speak for themselves.

Their old website, however, could not properly showcase this important video series, so Malt Maker Media enlisted our expertise to build a new design around this video-driven marketing strategy.

Moreland Animal Hospital
We admit it: we love cute kitties and puppies. (Honestly, who isn’t?) So when the opportunity to redesign Moreland Animal Hospital’s website came across our desk, we jumped at the chance.

This busy animal hospital offers a wide range of animal health services dedicated to the total welfare of our furry friends, from boarding services to nutrition counseling to dentistry. As a dog owner himself, Jason knew what he wanted to know from a new vet: the services they offered, their qualifications, and if they handle emergency calls if a dog ever got into the garbage and ate something funny. That information made it right up top, so visitors could quickly figure out what Moreland Animal Hospital offered at a chance.

And of course, their new site is filled with images of happy cats and dogs!

My Everyday Manners
Etiquette never goes out of style, yet Margarette Coleman brings a modern-day twist to its age-old practices through her consulting firm, My Everyday Manners. Margarette works with companies, groups, and one-on-one to help improve interpersonal communication skills, personal confidence, and social civility.

My Everyday Manners faced a major challenge – the company didn’t have a website! Margarette found it more and more difficult to showcase her success stories and attract new leads without a way to point customers to a list of services, FAQ, and testimonials. We worked with Margarette to produce a website that showcases her unique offerings and lists her rave reviews. Some clients were so happy to support My Everyday Manners that they sent in video testimonials!

Time to make your dreams come true!
As these examples illustrate, your new website takes vision, collaboration, functionality and creativity. We are thrilled to help clients all over the U.S., and even the globe, with that process!

Ready to discuss your big idea? Contact us today and set up a free consultation with our creator of possibilities!

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