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Supporting Our Country’s Heroes on Veterans Day

At Jason Hunter Design, we believe it’s important to honor those who have risked their safety to protect our safety.

We are proud to support The Eden Project, a veteran-run, veteran-focused organization which helps the warriors in our community reintegrate after long deployments, injury, or sometimes both. The not-for-profit organization provides peer-to-peer events, couples classes that strengthen relationships, and guidance to help veterans develop goals, a purpose for life, and strong faith.

The Eden Project wholly understands that a veterans’ unique skill set strengthens the community. To that end, The Eden Project builds and sustains engaging, encouraging and empowering programming to continue to support veterans when they return home. Their dedication and selfless work to helping our veterans is inspiring, and their work is well-known throughout the Fayetteville community and beyond.

Their work is nothing short of inspiring, and their hard work has inspired us in turn. While we may not work day to day with veterans like The Eden Project, we have important skills that can help this vital organization get the word out there, process donations, share resources for veterans, and more. When you’re running such important, life-saving programming, the website really is the last thing on anyone’s mind. We manage the day-day-day work that goes into managing The Eden Project’s website as our way of saying “thank you” to the veterans in our community. We are happy and proud, on Veterans Day and every day, to handle this important administrative work for The Eden Project so they can focus wholly on the heroes who need their full attention.

This Veterans Day, if you’re looking for a cause to support in the greater Atlanta community, please consider donating to The Eden Project to help them continue their vital work.


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