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Go Behind The Scenes with JasonHunter Design

A lot of creative energy and technical skill go into each website built with JasonHunter Design. Every company we work with has unique ideas, requirements, and technology needs, and we work closely with them to achieve those goals.

It’s one thing to see the results of our work in an online portfolio. It’s a whole other thing to explain some of our creative reasoning! What’s going on behind the scenes? How do we decide to utilize this technical solution or select that layout?

To demonstrate, we’re offering a glimpse of our creative process to current and future clients. Keep reading to learn about the “why” behind three select websites JasonHunter Design launched in October 2018, and to see the final results of several other websites we launched this month.

Corporate wellness programs are an $8 billion industry. Wellbox’s exciting take on the opportunity connects brands to entities who want to invest in the health of their employees, tenants or residents.

The Wellbox website speaks to several audiences, and we wanted to ensure that visitors knew exactly where to go for information. Is the visitor a brand looking to share products with a captive audience, an employer looking to bring the program to their company, or a property bringing a fun twist to health and wellness to visitors and tenants? The main menu and home page steer each visitor type to the content they need to act.

Wellbox was so pleased with the design – which includes Bitmojis! — that they recorded a video testimonial and sent it over to us! You can watch it here:

Dottie Herman
Dottie Herman is the richest self-made woman in real estate. Don’t take our word for it – Forbes gave her the title! Such an influential figure needed a website that showcased not only her story, but all the buzz surrounding her work, including media appearances, a forum to share her expertise with followers, and her podcast and radio show, Eye on Real Estate. We partnered closely with her brand manager, Laura Morton, to build a website which reflected Dottie’s success and personality. Dottie is thrilled with the results – and so are we.

CPI Enterprises
Chassis repair isn’t exactly something we think about every day, but their proper maintenance is crucial for truck safety.

We wanted to highlight the company’s commitment to safety and compliance front and center, and the best way to do that was to depict the company beyond photos of truck parts and semis on the road. JasonHunter Design collaborated with a photographer who stopped by company headquarters in Fairburn, GA, to capture CPI Enterprises in action. The results are stunning: our photographer captured the diligent mechanical work the mechanics do every day, as well as glimpses behind the scenes of the warehouse, corporate offices and repair areas.

Bringing ideas to life with JasonHunter Design
Three websites, three totally different audiences, three completely different goals.

All three of this month’s featured websites showcase how design, photos, copy, and more all work hand-in-hand to communicate brand message. For Wellbox, design was driven by a desire to get the right information in front of each unique visitor type. Dottie Herman’s site is a platform which showcases her expertise and a platform to connect with followers. CPI used photography to demonstrate their commitment to truck chassis compliance, safety and repair.

By the way, Wellbox, Dottie Herman and CPI Enterprises are just three of the 12 websites JasonHunter Design launched so far this month. You can see all the websites we created by visiting our portfolio.

Inspired by what you see? Have an idea of your own? Contact JasonHunter Design and reserve your free initial consultation!

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