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Fresh Look Friday, February 2019

In a world where there are more than 1.5 billion websites (as of this writing), it’s pretty clear that every business type needs an online home to be competitive in the marketplace. But what do you need on your website? What role does it play? Why do you have a website, aside from “everyone needs one?”

That’s why we select three websites each month launched by JasonHunter Design and talk a bit more about the goals of the site and how it functions. Read on to see this month’s picks.

The Colon and Rectal Clinic of Monmouth County

Talking about a medically-sensitive subject is not easy. Patients may find the subject difficult to broach with their doctor, but that barrier can mean the difference between identifying a problem early on or letting it go unchecked. To that end, the Colon and Rectal Clinic of Monmouth County is an educational resource for patients, so they can read more about the conditions that may affect them and know the terminology before entering the conversation. Professional and easy to navigate, Dr. Steven C. Tizio clearly lays out his professional background, his specialties, and most importantly, his detailed knowledge of a delicate topic.

Owen Forensic Services

When we talk about evidence, fingerprints or DNA typically come to mind, but audio and video also play key roles when building a case for or against something. Owen Forensic Services are leading experts in the field of digital audio clarification. Led by a forensics expert with more than 20 years of experience, Owen’s leadership testifies at high-profile cases about audio and video evidence. We hit that point right away, with an easy-to-navigate website with imagery that immediately showcases the company’s specialized work.

Classic Landscapes

It’s one thing to talk about a beautifully-landscaped lawn, dotted with blooming flowers and lined with beautiful shrubbery. It’s a whole other to see this talent and meticulous maintenance brought to life! That’s why the new site design for Classic Landscapes features residential and commercial projects front and center.

What’s your website’s “why?

Why does your business need a website?

It’s one thing to build a website because, well, it’s 2019, and you simply must be online in order to have any sort of competitive edge. It’s a whole other thing to think about the “why” behind your site. What value will it bring to your company? What problems can it solve? How can a website make it easier to run your day-to-day business?

That’s why we lift the curtain each month with our Fresh Look Friday blog posts. Learning more about the “why” behind our decisions can help you discover your website’s why – and how we can help you meet that goal (or goals)!

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our full gallery and schedule a time to speak to JasonHunter Design today!

The First Fresh Look Friday of 2019: See JasonHunter Design’s Newest Creations

We’re back from a relaxing winter vacation (and for Jason, paternity leave!). Now, we are back at work bringing dreams to life for small businesses all around the Atlanta area and the U.S.

These three businesses kicked off their New Year with a brand-new online presence, each tailored to showcase exactly what makes them unique. These easy-to-navigate websites feature their specialties and unique selling points, and are jam-packed with features that help make it easy for clients to learn necessary information, make reservations, and get a true feel for what each business stands for.

Take a look at our first launches of 2019, and let us know in the comment what inspired you!

It’s My Party Rentals

It’s My Party Rentals brings the party to you! Party hosts can navigate an entire database on the company’s new website, selecting exactly how many tables, chairs, linens, tents, accessories, and more that they’d like to rent for an outdoor event.

What better way to showcase such a fun and exciting business than with bright, big photographs that show just what It’s My Party Rentals can do to transform any outdoor space! Visitors are greeted with gorgeous images of outdoor spaces transformed by this event company.

Newco USA

Newco USA specializes in high performance industrial coating solutions as well as the rebuilding and repair of adhesive, sealant, and paint application equipment. They are also the US distributor for Rader-Vogel tires. Such a specific service required a proper showcasing, making it clear right away who they are and what they do. We embedded a demonstration video on the front page, while carefully-placed calls to action direct the viewer to request a quote right away.

Glover Park Brewery

Capturing the essence of a venue is no easy feat, so when we started to work on Glover Park Brewery’s new website, we knew right away that we wanted to showcase what makes this place so beautiful. Real images of the brewery’s interior and exterior are everywhere on this site, enticing guests to stop in and sip a unique brew or two. We took it a step further, incorporating the taproom’s beautiful exposed brick into the background of the website pages.

What’s your New Years Resolution?

As a small business owner, we know how difficult it can be to tackle everything at once. It’s hard to play decision-making, bill-payer, marketer, and strategist in a single day! That’s why small business owners outsource their web development, SEO and social media marketing to JasonHunter Design.

We are way past the time when a website was just “nice to have” or only necessary for some basic information. Your website is the welcome mat into your business, from the design of the website, to its functionality, to the words and the images on the page.

What can a website do for you in 2019? Can you set up to take automatic payments online, increasing sales and freeing your time doing back-end accounting work? Can you move essential paperwork such as program registration to an online portal, saving hours of time and minimizing pages lost in the shuffle on your desk? How about your sales database – do website contacts automatically import into your sales software, so you can call hot leads faster than ever before?

This year, make your website work as hard as you do, just like these businesses decided to do. Contact JasonHunter Design today for your free consultation!

Final Fresh Look Friday of 2018: See What We Launched

We’re ending the year on a strong note at JasonHunter Design!

It’s been an incredible 12 months filled with ideas, planning, and most importantly, acting on those ideas and plans! From birds-eye-view concepts to everyday website maintenance, JHD’s days (and nights!) have been filled with doing what we do best: helping our clients present their best foot forward online.

As part of our final Fresh Look Friday installation of 2018, here are some of our latest launches, along with a behind-the-curtain look at how we chose these designs.

Enchanted Home Pet
A throne for Spot? You betcha!

Enchanted Home Pet builds pet beds for all dogs, from Dachshunds to Great Danes. These innovative pet products bring the same sense of craftsmanship brought to fine furniture, just with pup-sized proportions.

We built an ecommerce website for Enchanted Home Pet which accepts orders right from the home page. All a customer has to do is hit “add to cart” and securely check out. Each listing details the workmanship behind the product, as well as the warranty and other important information, in an easy-to-read format. We also incorporated a chat function, so shoppers can ask any questions without ever needing to pick up the phone.

We encounter interesting niche industries all the time as web developers – in fact, it’s one of the coolest and most underrated aspects of what we do. Southgrade certainly fits that bill!
This Chattahoochee Hills, GA-based unpaved road management provider partners with local governments to help them maintain these roadways, utilizing heavy-duty equipment and specialized training to properly execute repairs and routine maintenance.

It’s a subject that can certainly be talked about in abstract – rural roads need just as much attention as paved highways – but to see it was a whole different story. We knew immediately that our web design should place images front and center in order to bring Southgrade’s services to life for the viewer. We chose a website layout where images were central to the design, so the viewer could read about Southgrade’s services and capabilities while seeing those same procedures in action. These full images showcase large-scale equipment in action, carting away waste and reshaping the roads for proper use.

Promise Place
One of our missions at JasonHunter Design is to better the communities we’re in. To that end, we partner with select not-for-profit organizations to help them maintain their web presence, so they can focus their funds and resources on the vital work that they do for the community.
Promise Place is one such organization. This important resource for the greater Atlanta area provides comprehensive services to those subject to domestic violence. This incredible organization guides hundreds to the appropriate resources, including emergency sheltering, a crisis hotline, and transitional housing, as well as training sessions for police officers and the community at large.

Those in need can quickly and easily access vital services online, and supporters can quickly and securely make donations online to continue this vital work. (Click here to donate to Promise Place.)

Celebrating Another Successful Year At JasonHunter Design
Our websites, logos, graphics, content, social media management, and search engine optimization services have reached customers around the world. From mom and pop shops to multi-state enterprises, our sites have truly covered the gamut when it comes to subject matter, scope of project, and functionality. Ecommerce operations, password-protected sections, product catalogs, and so much more are represented in our gallery.

We are super excited to share that we launched over 60 projects in 2018! It’s been a record-breaking year, one in which we launched more projects than in any year prior. With each website, we feel a tremendous sense of pride, accomplishment, and most of all, happiness for our clients, who are represented online in a way that truly reflects their business mission and vision.