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Benefits of Link Building in Today’s SEO Maze

Link building is a major facet of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a crucial element for any website.

Simply put, link building is the act of obtaining links to your URL. Many webmasters feel that writing quality content will assist in getting links, but it’s not always that simple. Unless specific effort is put forth, getting links may be a long and difficult process.

Years ago, link building was an entirely different and easier process. Automating tools were easily created to submit article directories to generate backlinks. Quality of these articles and links didn’t matter so much.

But in April 2014, Google launched the infamous Penguin Algorithm, which has changed SEO and everything about link building. Today, it’s not just a task, but a skill to be mastered.

To go a little deeper, link building is the act of getting links from highly authoritative, quality, relevant sites. In addition, diversity also plays a sound role in higher search engine ranking.

Benefits of Link Building

Link building is, of course, an important factor of your SEO, and below, I’m going to outline some of the major benefits of link building for your site.

Generally, the popularity of a site or blog is reliant on the number of inbound links. The quantity of inbound links that form quality websites is also a huge factor in determining your PR (Google Page Rank).

When you create a blog or Website, you should spend the first month on link building so that when your site is scrubbed, you will have that much more exposure on search engines.

Incoming links from authoritative websites are given priority in search results. Effective link building doesn’t mean building as many as possible, but getting genuine links from reliable sites.

Some benefits of quality link building:

  • Visibility in search results.
  • Referral traffic from sites linked to you.
  • Your site will be seen as a valuable resource.
  • Speeds up indexing.

Link building can be performed with many strategies:

  • Writing quality content (content that is linked to naturally).
  • Guest bloggers.
  • Visual infographics.
  • Quality videos.
  • Directory submissions.
  • Do-follow blog submissions.
  • Do-follow social bookmarking.

Any number of these strategies are useful and should be included in your plan for link building.

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