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The Importance of Branding for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are designed to achieve a specific objective. They are also in direct competition with other charities for the time, money and goodwill of potential supporters. Branding serves a number of purposes that help nonprofits make an impact, including a clear definition of your distinct advantage. Use your website to promote your brand in order to raise the profile of your mission.

Benefits of Developing Your Nonprofit Brand

Branding is traditionally associated with commercial businesses, but it can be even more important for nonprofits. While businesses exchange a good or service for money, nonprofits rely on donors to give out of a sense of compassion for the mission. Branding conveys that mission in a few words, a logo and color scheme that attracts money and committed people who want to give time to volunteer.

Promote Your Mission Through Your Website

Your website lets you delve a bit deeper into the story of your nonprofit, but some general tips can help you do this well. Develop on a user-friendly design that makes your site pleasant to browse, while being informative and true to your core mission.

  • The look: Branded design, professional photos, call to action buttons are all part of an easy-to-read and attractive layout. Strong and mobile-friendly design shows visitors you care about your mission and the details of your story.
  • The message: Potential donors and volunteers want to understand your mission. They also need to see how you make a difference. Clearly state the problem you solve and how your activities make an impact.
  • The experience: An interactive website helps you engage with a potential stakeholder, but they should leave your site feeling empowered. Too many clicks can lead to frustration and confusion. Streamline the experience and get to the point.

As a nonprofit, you benefit from the opportunity to connect with a mindful consumer. Younger generations are more conscious of their place in the world than any generations before. Through the right website, you can attract this important segment of advocates and supporters.

Your brand is the cornerstone of how you present your nonprofit to the world and can be a key driver in its success. Your website is your tool to promote the brand your organization’s mission.

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